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Error when moving large number of items from one library to another


  1. Unpack zip file
  2. Edit ..Libraries\patterns & practices Library.xml to change "ReadOnly" to "ReadWrite" and "Websuscribe" to False
  3. Launch GE
  4. Create new libraries: "SI" and "NotForTM"
        Observe that new column "Date" appears in the new libraries, not in "p&p".
  5. Move 5 articles from "patterns & practices" to "SI"
         Observe articles are successfully moved.
  6. Move ~60 Guideline articles from "patterns & practices" to "NotForTM"
         Observed error (screenshot attached)
                        An application execution error has occurred:
                        The requested operation cannot be performed on a file with a user-mapped section open.
         Files are in "NotForTM" as a sub-directory "Guidelines" is created.
         Files are also still in "p&p"
  7. Exit GE
  8. Inspect filesystem and observe that new dirs "SI" and "NotForTM" exist under ..Libraries
        The XML and xml.bak file associated with each library has been created with their GUI, not name,
  9. Relaunch GE and everything is fine ... files are in "NotForTM" and are not in "p&p"
  10. Select 5 articles from "p&p"and move to "NotForTM"
           Observe the error reported in 6 (above)
          But this time, only 3 of the original 5 are stuck in the "p&p" library. All 5 appear in the "NotForTM" library.