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patterns & practices Guidance Explorer

patterns & practices Guidance Explorer is a tool that enables discovery, composition and consumption of high quality development guidance. Guidance Explorer installs with a connection to the patterns & practices guidance library including performance and security topics for .NET, ASP.NET, and ADO.NET applications. The guidance library contains a variety of guidance types including checklists and guidelines covering design, implementation and deployment topics.
- J.D. Meier, Jason Taylor, Prashant Bansode, Diego Gonzalez

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Visual Studio 2008 Guidance Explorer Add-In


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The following projects are included on this site:
  • Guidance Explorer - The Guidance Explorer smart client allows browsing local or remote libraries from a winforms thick client application. Remote libraries are automatically synchronized with a local cache to allow publish/subscribe scenarios. The Guidance Explorer smart client has full capabilities for creating and editing guidance as well as guidance types.
  • Online Guidance Store - The online store provides a mechanism for publishing to, and sharing from, a guidance library on the web. It is a web service interface backed by a SQL 2005 database. When Guidance Explorer is connected to the online store all clients automatically stay in sync with add/remove/modify of guidance in the library.
  • Guidance Explorer Web Edition - The Guidance Explorer online application allows a user to browse guidance from the online store. The online application does not allow for the creation or modification of guidance. Unlike the smart client it is a read-only view on guidance.
  • Guidance Explorer Authoring Toolkit - The Authoring Toolkit is a stripped down version of Guidance Explorer that does not come with a guidance library and includes just the basic guidance types. The Authoring Toolkit is designed for guidance authors who want to use Guidance Explorer to create and/or distribute their own guidance. It has the following capabilities:
    1. You can customize the application title to match your team or organization
    2. You can add/remove/edit guidance types
    3. You have full access to all of the Guidance Explorer features, except for connection to an online store.
Once you've customized guidance types you can distribute to your team for guidance browsing, authoring or modification.

Guidance Explorer Team

  • J.D. Meier, PM, patterns & practices
  • Jason Taylor, Security Innovation
  • Prashant Bansode, Infosys Technologies Ltd
  • Diego Gonzalez, Lagash
  • Ariel Neisen, Lagash
  • Damian Gambin, Lagash
  • Edward A. Jezierski, Architect, Microsoft

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